Alternatives to Court:

In these workshops, we discuss alternatives to court such as mediation, kitchen table agreements, collaborative law, and negotiation versus the high costs and loss of control when a court based…

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Mediation Workshops:

Most of us are not taught to handle conflict – we learn to either become aggressive or withdraw. Let a mediator guide you in a proven process that focuses on…

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Collaborative Divorce Workshops:

Learn that you do not have to go to court to settle your marital separation. Use a non-adversarial method. Work with a specially trained team of professionals to guide you…

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Money Conversations:

Designed for anyone who finds money causes conflict in their relationships. Learn how to talk about money, accept you and your partner’s money personality, and bring more wealth, happiness, and…

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What Would You Like to Learn?

Wendy sells no financial product so she can act in your best interests and no reliance on selling of financial products to earn her income. Wendy has over 35 years’…

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