Typical concerns that people reveal about money

  • I worry about money and my financial future.
  • I am embarrassed or feel guilty about my financial life.
  • I argue about money with family members.
  • I don’t want to know about my financial condition.
  • I get upset when talking about money.
  • I am not responsible for my financial future.
  • I put off making any financial decisions or taking any action.
  • I feel my spending gets out of control sometimes.
  • I can’t budget or plan my spending.
  • I have trouble saving money.
  • If I am too successful I may lose my friends.
  • If I succeed, then failure is probably just around the corner.
  • I don’t deserve financial success or can’t have it even if I deserve it.
  • I’d rather not know about my financial condition.
  • I often feel I’d better get what I want right now, because I may not be able to get it later.
  • I’m afraid of becoming financially independent.
  • I’m hoping that someday someone will rescue me from my financial problems.
  • You can’t plan your spending and at the same time be spontaneous.
  • My financial situation is not my fault or my responsibility.
  • I will become too materialistic and sacrifice my spirituality if I plan and control my use of money.

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