They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. We highly recommend you take a look at the Great Orange Dispute for a simple illustration of what mediation can provide you:

The Great Orange Dispute: Getting To Yes.

Client’s statements about conflict:

We can’t talk- we fight and need to learn how to resolve our conflicts!

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Wendy’s story about conflict

Mediation training was where I learned to listen. In many cases, we are not taught how to listen to either our own or another person’s needs. We are not taught how to deal with emotions such as anger or resentment – they are classed as negative or “bad”. In my case, I was taught to withdraw- to run from anger. Important people in my life used the opposite approach- domination or aggression. I have now learned that neither of these approaches- withdrawal or aggression- will serve you. Mediation teaches new skills and how to resolve conflict in a healthier manner.

Let us listen. Let us provide a safe place to have the difficult discussions.

Mediation is where you can learn how to see conflict as an opportunity to learn, to listen, to understand and/or hear the underlying reasons (the inherent needs or interests) for each of you. You do not need to give in but you also do not need to bully to get resolution. In mediation, we use a tried and true process to guide people to develop their own unique, creative solutions to their conflict.

Benefits of Family Mediation

  • The needs of children are the priority
  • Often improves communication and co-operation skills
  • Lessens tension and removes an adversarial atmosphere
  • Offers the potential to relate better in the future
  • Ensures a confidential and private process
  • Empowers parties to communicate directly and determine the outcome
  • Found to be more cost effective than the court process
  • Is shorter and simpler than court processes