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Money Coaching

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Life Transition Coaching

Service One: Money Coaching

Fighting about money is one of the deepest and most common causes of divorce and family disputes.

Let Wendy help you understand why money causes conflict in your relationship and how to develop skills to stop the arguing. Understand each other and begin to believe that each of you bring gifts and are a true asset to your relationship. We will use a tried and true process for communication and relationship building using money as a tool to make your dreams come true.

“Can you help us learn how to talk to each other about money?”
“Can you help us stop fighting about money?”
“Can you help us understand why our partner spends so much?”
“Why does my partner only worry about the future taking our joy from today?”
“I give up… I just don’t understand why my partner does money like________ “(fill in the blank)

“One of my deepest passions is that people do not have to divorce. That they learn how to talk about money or conflict so they can resolve their differences before it leads to separation.”
Wendy Johnston

Owner, Next Step Financial Solutions Inc.

Wendy and her colleagues offer a range of courses that teach:

Money Personalities

Read our blog for more information

Money and the Past

Self- Limiting beliefs, Inevitable Differences about Money (how to set good habits in a new marriage or relationship),

Money Conversations

Learn how to talk about money and reduce conflict about money in your relationship

Typical Concerns about Money

Do we have “enough”?

Core Money Skills

Such a budgeting, understanding your credit bureau report, re-building your credit, paying down debt, saving for retirement vs. paying down mortgage, emergency savings, TFSA vs. RRSP?

Doing Money Differently

Useful for second or third relationships and/or blended families

Service Two: Life Transition Coaching

You need not divorce or separate or have financial difficulties to use Next Step’s financial planning services. There are times in life, for all of us, when we would like a second opinion on a decision, a life transition, a way to save taxes or retire earlier.  As well, this is a process where you are not exposed to urging you to buy “more” or purchase an additional financial product. For example, these clients of Next Step Financial Solutions appreciated our advice in these situations:

An Extensive House remodel

A couple desperately wanted a re-modelled kitchen but they worried that it would affect other priorities of the family: one partner was currently working part time to be with the young children for a time, they still wanted to provide a good education savings for the children, they wanted to maintain their lifestyle and they wanted to retire at an earlier age than “typical”. We did projections to see if this renovation would affect those other interests and if they could “make their dreams come true”.

Extra or extraordinary expense in retirement or gifts to the children

A retired woman knew she had enough money for the basics and her existing lifestyle but she worried if she had to go into a full care, more expensive nursing home- would she have enough? Could she make some gifts to help her children now rather than waiting till she died or should she wait to make sure she could pay for all of her needs, including more expensive home care or nursing care? What level of risk and rate of return on her investments should she expect?

Oops- I forget to make a business plan and the economy tanked

A 30-something geologist started her own consulting company and did exceptionally well. However, she had not saved for the accounting, incorporation fees or the income taxes on this income. Then the oil industry contract opportunities plummeted. What were her options?

I lost my job

One couple had a solid retirement plan but one lost his/her job. What do they do?

Do I have enough?

Another 40ish single person wondered if she had enough- was her pension enough? When should she take her CPP? Could she maintain her lifestyle and love for travel in retirement?

What risk on my investments do I take?

A couple had many sources of retirement income- a pension, RRSP, a farm and an inheritance?  Could they retire early? Could they retire even if they took much less risk and lower rate of return on their investments?

High debt- no chance of paying it off- what do we do?

This couple had high debt load- so high that one person’s income paid the minimum payments on the credit cards- there was no emergency savings, no repayment of the principal on the credit card debt. What could they do?

Young marrieds- how do we get on the same page for our life?

A young married couple has just spent $25000 on their wedding. What do they save for next? A home of their own? Travel? Starting a family? Retirement? What is best and how do they talk so each of them feel heard and are willing to work together for a common plan.

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