Stage One

Before Separation

Stage Two

Divorce Financial Consultation/Planning

Stage Three

Post Divorce Services

Stage One: Before Separation

Do these questions describe your situation?

We meet with individuals making the decision to separate or divorce. We consult with clients to provide a safe place for them to talk about money. We do not judge: we listen, we understand. We can help our clients set realistic plans for both new households and help make your future as secure and safe as possible. We know first-hand how difficult and overwhelming the process can be.

“Will I be OK? Will the children be ok?”
“Will there be enough money?”
“How do I do this? What is the first step?”
“We have a lot of debt.”

It’s ALWAYS essential to clearly understand the financial and tax implications of property division and support.

It is wise to get the facts you need as early as possible. We will:

  • Educate you on “what you need to know” about the finances of divorce in Saskatchewan
  • Talk to you about the timing of when to separate
  • Investigate possible debt restructure to allow for two households to survive financially
  • Help you understand what the future might look like

We will help you with any or all of the following:

  • Help you collect all the financial materials needed for a separation agreement
  • Help you understand financial terms of your situation so that you are confident handling your own finances in the future
  • Accurately assist in the determination of the value and division of marital property
  • Prepare net worth statements and budgets

Stage Two: Divorce Financial Consultation and Planning

Common questions, fears or concerns:

We meet with individuals who are just beginning or in the midst of the divorce process and also work with clients and their lawyers and/or mediators at any stage of the process. There are many process options that could be available to you that we can discuss:

“Do I have to go to court?”
“What is the process?”
“Who can help me?”
“How do we separate our assets and income?”
“How do we parent our children and make sure they are ok?”

It is never too early to clearly understand the financial implications of the decision to separate and divorce in Saskatchewan.

There are many process options that could be available to you that we can discuss. It is wise to get the facts you need as early as possible. We can help! We will provide a safe place to discuss the many options:

  • Educate you on “what you need to know” about the finances of divorce in Saskatchewan
  • Review what a potential division of property might look like in Saskatchewan
  • Help you understand how child and/or spousal support will factor into your budget

Making the decision to separate will have a huge impact on you and your family. You must make sure you consider all of the crucial issues:

  • Review your potential settlement option including the financial and taxation implications
  • How dividing your property will affect your long term future
  • How child and/or spousal support will impact your monthly net cash flow
  • Review alternative financial divorce settlements
  • Recommend tax-minimizing strategies
  • Develop budgets, priorities and dreams for the future.
  • Project what your financial situation may look like as long as 30 years down the road.

Stage Three: Post Divorce Services

Remember you are not alone and that Next Step continues to be a safe place to talk about money!

Meet with us before making this critical life-altering decision! And finally, DON’T sign your legal separation agreement without meeting with us first! Ensure nothing has been missed and that ALL financial and tax implications have been correctly addressed so that your separation agreement is fully implementable.

“I forget what I was supposed to do….”
“How do I talk to my ex-spouse about money?”
“Will you still help me after I sign the separation agreement?”
“Is our separation agreement and parenting plan working?”

This service typically occurs between 3 and 12 months after you sign your separation agreement. You control the timing and decide what support you need.

We work with you to implement financial aspects of the separation agreement and to re-check your financial plan. Here we can help you tie up financial loose ends:

  • CPP applications,
  • TD1 Changes,
  • Budget “tweaking”,
  • How do I invest this settlement?
  • Mortgage renewals
  • Income taxes
  • Checking your financial plan
  • Financial understanding check
  • Referral to the “right” financial advisor, counsellor, accountant, separation specialist…
  • Money coaching ,and/or… what you need.