Money Personalities: The Spender (aka the Debt Desperado, the Pleaser-Accommodator)

General characteristics of a Spender:


  • Loves to buy, buy, and buy. Gets a thrill from the purchase
  • Money never sticks around too long for a spender
  • Loves fun, spontaneity. Great to be around. Life of the party. The person who picks up the tab.
  • May live on excessive debt or hide debt.


I am sure you all have met, or know (or are) a spender. It is a common money personality that is often maligned. Spenders bring joy and spontaneity into our lives but the shadow side – see Challenges below. As with all money personalities, the spender is not good or bad – he/she just is.

Let’s take a look….


Strengths of a Spender / Debt Desperado / Pleaser-Accommodator


  • These people are great fun to be around – they enjoy the moment and, in public, do not worry about money – they’re here for a good time.
  • They bring joy and enthusiasm to the moment.
  • Many desperados need to bottom out before turning themselves around financially but then have the ability to rally from the painful relationship with debt and money and maintain a renewed sense of financial security.
  • Giver – likes to take “care” of others.
  • Usually picks up the tab for meals, hotels, vacations etc.
  • Often very social with lots of personality


Challenges of a Spender / Debt Desperado / Pleaser-Accommodator


  • Non communicative: deny how they’re dealing with money or if there is a problem. May “hide” financial spending, statements or actions.
  • Can overspend as a way to feel better about themselves – a form of self-medication or addiction
  • Filled with regret when they do not consider the future and a challenge of life occurs:
    • job loss with no savings cushion to keep them afloat
    • divorce
    • death of a spouse, or
    • large uninsured expenses (disability?)
  • Impractical: Some will accept under par earnings due to lower confidence, “it is easier”, want time off etc., etc.
  • Lack of financial education can result in getting into debt (not knowing options for balancing one’s financial life)
  • A budget breaker


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