Money Personalities – the Risk Taker (aka the High Roller, the Striver, the Big Deal Chaser)

General characteristics of a Risk Taker

These people are typically:

  • The entrepreneurs and inventors
  • A hard worker, innovative thinker, hunch player and childlike dreamer
  • They aren’t afraid of losing everything if it gets them closer to having everything
  • Conceptual thinker- they aren’t worried about the details
  • Get excited about possibility. Love finding the next adventure
  • Listen to their gut. Not afraid to make decisions
  • Takes a lot or risks for future gain with little concern for present obligations
  • Often workaholics
Strengths of a Risk Taker
  • Have the energy and drive to make things happen
  • Decisive – make decisions easily
  • Imaginative, original thinkers who work best when they have the upper hand
  • Like being in control and can be ace entrepreneurs
  • Good at sales, marketing and promoting themselves
  • Persuasive: can talk their way into a deal and able to draw others into helping them fulfill their dreams
  • Willing to put in the work, feel great pride in their accomplishments and display dignity if they lose
  • Tenacity – never gives up. Strong, unwavering belief in their vision
  • Resilience – will try, try again
  • High tolerance for risk
  • Adept at looking at the marketplace, figuring out what is needed and where the next area of growth will be
  • Ambitious and competitive, like the challenge of competing and coming out on top
  • Optimistic – believes everything will work out
Challenges of a Risk Taker
  • Dominant weakness: Don’t like facing the downside of risk and will deny it can affect you. Minimizes problems and risk. Taking risks without a safety net
  • Vulnerable to cons (by others) or a huge mistake.
  • Blinded by possibility – reason leaves the building replaced by hiding and the secrecy of financial infidelity
  • Easily resented – if the deal does not work out, the other partner is apt to resent the overall risk taken and reduce financial communication
  • Impatient
  • Insensitive: the Risk taker will often ignore advice or his /her partner’s feelings and do what they want anyway. Risk takers hate feeling hemmed in by other people so they charge ahead and deal with the relationship fallout another day, with little or no consideration for the partner’s opinion or feelings
  • Tendency to overestimate earnings and underestimate spending – many things have been bought and not paid for.
  • May not feel worthy without possessions, power and prestige. A willingness to put themselves in financial jeopardy so they can have upscale possessions when they want them
  • May find it painful to accept the truth that they can’t afford some things. Determined to have what they want and these are not their finest moments- they are not above deceiving others, finagling people or riding roughshod over anyone to own what they want.
  • Pattern of unwise borrowing and spending. Takes a lot or risks for future gain with little concern for present obligations
  • While you have the tenacity to keep trying despite losing money, which is a good trait, another weakness if not managing money betters the next time out. Can be stubborn and won’t take advice from others.
  • Makes excuses and expects creditors to make exceptions for them
  • Often workaholics

As you can see this money personality group can be complex. Understanding the needs and interests is vital to getting this person to talk and understand their partner’s conflicting needs for safety and security.

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