Money Personalities – An Overview


Note that this is not an exhaustive list of possible money personalities but an overview listing the main acknowledged patterns that people use to process financial decisions in their lives.

There is no one “good” personality.

We often have a major and a minor personality and to complicate things further, we attract our opposite. For instance, a saver will attract a spender in a relationship, and a risk taker a security seeker.


Saver (Squirrel, Virtuous Pauper, Hoarder, Money Monk, Worrier):

  • Get a genuine rush from saving money
  • Organized, responsible and trustworthy when it comes to finances
  • Accumulate wealth but with little enjoyment Foregoes today’s pleasures for tomorrow’s dreams
  • Actions (way of doing money) are positively reinforced by the financial community and society.


Spender (Debt Desperado, Pleaser-Accommodator)

  • Loves to buy, buy, and buy. Gets a thrill from the purchase
  • Money never sticks around too long for a spender
  • Loves fun, spontaneity. Great to be around. Life of the party. The person who picks up the tab
  • May live on excessive debt or hide debt.


Risk Taker (High Roller, Striver, and Big Deal Chaser)

  • The entrepreneurs and inventors.
  • They aren’t afraid of losing everything if it gets them closer to having everything.
  • Conceptual thinker- they aren’t worried about the details.
  • Listen to their gut. Not afraid to make decisions.


Security Seeker

  • Planners- they like to know their financial future is locked in. Prepared for anything.
  • Investigator- needs lots of information of many kinds to make a decision
  • Willing to sacrifice: would rather do without today than without tomorrow. Would rather work harder today than scrimp on tomorrow


Flyer (Avoider, Ostrich, White Knighter)

  • Happy to let someone else take care of their finances
  • Not motivated by money, basically content with their life
  • Typically do not budget, don’t know how much they owe, how much they spend or how to keep financial records. Deeply held belief that they will always survive.


Coaster (Optimists)

  • Main characteristic: Thinking the future will take care of itself.
  • Driven by success, rather than accumulation of wealth for its own sake. Often feel their businesses is enough and no other diversification required
  • Able to rebound from a past money mistake, learn from “mistake” and the successfully invest in future.
  • Some coasters have a guilt and conflict in exceeding their aspirations and income and/or doing things “differently” than their parents or role models


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