Advice you can Trust

Wendy’s credentials show her commitment to continuous learning and professional excellence but the real value Wendy brings to the table is her ability to make talking about money a safe thing to do. There are so many taboos about money. Arguing about money is one of the top reasons people divorce- people just do not know how to manage the conflict that money can cause.

Real Experience

Wendy has walked the divorce walk and has felt the pain, the fear and the lack of confidence you now feel. She asked herself most of the questions above.

That is why she created Next Step Financial Solutions Inc. – so that people like you would have a safe place to talk about money and receive financial support and education during one of the intimidating, scariest and most stressful times of your lives. Wendy commits to help you:

  • Learn the language of financial services and know what questions to ask of any financial professional (advisor, accountant, broker, banker etc.)
  • Gain confidence in your financial abilities
  • Choose to have a group of trustworthy and trained professionals help you through the divorce process
  • Understand your options and can choose your most secure financial future possible,
  • Trust you have a financial advisor trained in divorce financial analysis, financial planning, mediation and collaborative law to teach, coach and support you through this stressful time.

How is Wendy different from any other financial advisor, banker or mortgage broker?:

  • Wendy sells no financial product so she can act in your best interests and no reliance on selling of financial products to earn her income.
  • Wendy has over 35 years’ experience in both the investment (mutual funds, bank GICs, TFSA, RRSP etc.) and the credit management (debt restructure, mortgage, budgeting) sides of financial services
  • Her clients tell her she is relatable understands and makes the money conversations safe.

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