A passion for what you do

The winners in any industry are passionate about what they do

The world is so competitive now that markets around the world have opened up their doors to outside consumers.  To compete in any business today, you have to work harder and be smarter than your competition. In the long run, the winners in any industry will be companies and individuals who were passionate enough about their work to spend the time and effort it takes to produce outstanding products and services.  Without this passion, a company or individual will be less likely to make the effort or spend all night to meet a deadline.

During the first four years of building my company, I spent at least one full night a month in my office working. Sometimes I would work 32 hours straight!  I have even fallen asleep right in the middle of a conversation with a client!

It’s not that I am an advocate of working this many hours.  It’s very unhealthy.  My point is that I was excited enough about my company to want to!  The question I’m asking here is this: in your current position, are you willing to work all night on a project if you have to?  If the answer is no, then you need to seriously consider making a job change or starting your own business doing what you enjoy.

The happiest wealthy people I know have a passion for what they do, which seems to naturally create a certain level of tenacity and perseverance in achieving their goals.  They have a vision and they have a sincere enthusiasm about life that comes from deep inside.  They don’t necessarily have a passion for building wealth. Wealth, for them, is a result of their passion and effort for the work they do.

A student asked me recently, “If you could change anything in the business world, what would it be?”  I told her that if everyone loved what they were doing in their life today, or if everyone at least had a plan to achieve this, the world would be a better place.  There would be less frustration, anger, and unhappiness. People would feel more gratification.

3 questions to help you find your passion

When you love what you do, your chances of great achievement improve dramatically.  If you are unsure about where your passion lies, here are three questions that will give you some ideas to consider.  Go to a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.  There are no right or wrong answers, so relax and enjoy yourself. Write down exactly what comes to mind.  Do not judge any answer! Let your mind go and list anything that comes to mind, no matter how impossible it might seem.  Write each question at the top of a separate page.

  1. Your doctor calls and tells you that in exactly six months, you will die a peaceful death due to a weird, unknown virus. What would you do during this six-month period?  Who would you spend your time with?  What activities would you spend time doing?  What would be important to you?  (List at least 20 answers.)
  2. Some unknown relative dies and leaves you a portfolio of cash totaling $2,000,000. What would you do? Who would you spend time with?  What activities would you spend time doing?  What would be important to you?  Would you quit work?  How would you spend your money?  (List at least 20 answers)
  1. What three great endeavors would you dare to attempt if you were guaranteed you could not fail?

What the answers mean

The answers to these questions simply give you insight into your most important values.  If you really took the time to list 20 or more answers, you might have found something you enjoy doing that you haven’t participated in for a long time.  One of your answers could be something you’re passionate about that you can use as a business idea.  It might be another position within a company or your own company.

If you can’t figure it out

If you can’t figure it out now, put the three pages away and try this exercise again in a week.

Be sure to change your surroundings next time.

Sit in a comfortable spot with no interruptions.  Try it a third time if you have to.